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Assortment Vaduz


Vaduzer Chardonnay Herawingert AOC 2017

AOC Vaduz

100% Chardonnay 2017 / Alcohol: 13.5 %

The world’s most important white grape variety of the Burgundy family. Said to have been brought to France by the crusaders, this vine was introduced to Burgundy by the Benedictines. The true value of this variety was recognized around 1850. Even so, various forms of the Burgundy family have been described as Chardonnay right up to this day. It was not until 1958 that Pierre Galet ascribed the unmistakable feature of the tissue-free petiole sinus leaf to Chardonnay and distinguished it as an independent category from Pinot Blanc. Chardonnay is somewhat susceptible to coulure and botrytis blight. It yields world-class wines when grown in the best locations.

harvest: 26.09.2017

filling: 20.07.2018

Handpicked during lovely, dry autumn weather and 93 degrees Oechsle. Yield: 600 grams / m2. De-stemming was followed by 8 hours of mash maceration and gentle pressing, subsequent settling of the grape must and immediate commencement of fermentation. Fermentation temperature was maintained at 22 °C. Further aging on fine yeast in a stainless-steel tank. 60% of the wine was aged for 8 months in a special white wine barrel.

Yellowy-green with silver reflections. Delicate nuances of Golden Delicious apple, nuances of mango, hints of fresh meadow herbs and vanilla. Medium complexity, fine creamy texture, nuances of pear, fine, elegant adhesion, mineral-lemony aftertaste, a balanced accompaniment to meals, subtle sweet sensation to finish.

Pairs well with fish, white meat and as an aperitif


€ 46,67 / litre

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